(Re)connect to your body, to (Re)connect to life.

In this accompaniment, I seek to take you into the hollow of the movement of your body, the whole of your body, to access your greatest depths. In movement we are sometimes constrained because our wounds freeze our bodies.

To come in humility in its depths, is to open its heart to self love, is to develop compassion, love, esteem, self-confidence. When I free myself from this baggage I create movement, circulation, life and I find little by little the ME that has always been there deeply buried. Who knows, what he wants, what he wants to offer himself, what he wants to create...

Are you ready to give birth to you love me?

Do you feel stuck in your life? You are trying to change things but you feel like you are repeating the same patterns over and over again? You are aware of your beliefs but awareness is not enough? You can't live your dream life? You have physical ailments that you do not understand?

My body as an art that reflects the beauty of my story.

(Re)connecting with your body means touching, caressing, dancing, moving, but it also means going to see all the memories that clutter us. All that we have experienced as a fetus, at the intra-uterine level, all that we inherit from our ancestors, what our soul has experienced in other lives, and our traumas as children, teenagers, and in life. To go and meet these parts is to RECOGNIZE and FEEL what has been buried.

To return to the essence of one's body. It is to be able to create this intimate link, of unconditional love, with oneself, to allow oneself to find one's own movement, one's own color, beyond the masks, and to fully embody the woman that I am, with all its facets in authenticity, in vulnerability.

Reconnecting to your body is to understand that your body is not just a physical representation, but it reflects your whole interiority, your whole Being, in its greatest dimension. When I am connected to it, I let my soul play through my body with life.

The accompaniment, that I propose to you here, is a physical, spiritual and emotional accompaniment.




3 months together

- 6 sessions of 2h energy care/coaching (2 per month: One session every two weeks)

- 6 calls of 1 hour each week outside of coaching/care sessions to drop off, and rebalance if needed, what is going on for you (2 per month)

- One personalized guidance per week

- Access to a library of audio meditations (Access that remains after our accompaniment)

- Access to a library of workshops around the body (Access that remains after our accompaniment)

- A photo shooting of 3/4h spread over one day (Rendering of more than 80 photos in HD)

1700 euros