You, who is a mentor, a guide, a leader, a visionary.

When you have created your business, in the field of wellness, therapy, personal development, coaching, or even artistic...

You wanted to create a company that would support the vision of your reality. A reality based on the fact that everything is possible, connected to something bigger than oneself, living in fluidity, abundance, freedom, authenticity, allowing oneself to be crossed by the momentum of life, while maintaining values of respect, respecting the cycles of nature and therefore one's own cycle, all of this carried out with awareness, sharing, respect for oneself, others and the environment.

You wanted to create the framework that could support your personal transformation and your greatest inner aspirations.

You wanted your company structure to be at the service of this deep mission.

You wanted to create money by being connected to your heart, by creating formulas that make you vibrate with joy and pleasure. You wanted this money not to be a goal but a means to support your vision, and to open up new spaces, based on respect, benevolence, sharing and respect for the environment.

You wanted to bring to the world a new way, carried with your values, your heart and your authenticity.

Beyond this new vision, you wanted to take it to a bigger place, and pave the way to IMPACT.

IMPACT, towards a greater awareness of oneself and the world.

And that's what you still believe in today, and what you fuel every day in your business.

Now, we know that when we create what really makes us vibrate, when we have the soul of the leader, when we choose to take a new path, when we say out loud what is not audible, when we have a position of "example", when we open a new way...

This requires that our professional expansion be accompanied by our personal transformation. But not only...

I bring you today, a subtle, energetic, but also concrete answer. For me, both are essential to build lasting and impactful results.

Together, we will talk about strategy, goals, action plan, emotional release, body memories...

It's not easy!

This activates more fears, barriers, beliefs, it requires to be well anchored, to embody and especially...


It is a personalized, tailor-made accompaniment in 1:1 for you WHO IS MENTOR, GUIDE, VISIONARY, LEADER (Male/Female/ Non-binary person) in the field of coaching, personal development, artistic, therapy, well-being.

I help you remove YOUR blocks to expansion around YOUR business that resonate with YOUR personal transformation, to move to a higher level of turnover, impact, creation and access to the realization of your deepest aspirations!

I accompany you, you who feels in him/her a certain leadership but who doesn't really dare to take your place as such, you who can't go beyond a certain CA but wants to go further, you who already impacts and inspires with your activity but who wishes a deeper follow-up with real subtle answers, you who wants to impact more, and you who is blocked in a level of expansion...

My work is an energetic work, linked to the Being, in all its subtle and physical aspects. It is expressed in the material with concrete actions here on earth. For me, both aspects are essential for us to build an impactful transformation with lasting results, which settles in time.

I am Chloe,

Entrepreneur since 2017, since I was 19 years old, in the field of photography, I stabilized a very nice business, going through several levels of expansion. My business, has opened me up to learning method, action plan around the business, to go beyond my goals, but it has also been a huge personal enrichment.

In 2019, I'm opening to energetics, and working on expanding my business with my personal transformation.

This allows me to open today a new business, in the form of a company, mixing energy care and photography.

My work in energetics, leads me to work on the memories of the body, which block the passages during the stages of expansion. This allows me to bring the emotional and the spiritual into the professional. For me, the two are intimately linked, and it is this approach that I have chosen to address, seeing the impact and the inequality of the work due to our history and our wounds. My goal is to bring a fluidity to each one, to focus on the essential, that is to say our deepest aspirations and share them with the world.