I accompany you to dive into the heart of your night.

The dark in itself is scary, it is repulsive. We just don't want to look at what hurts, what is painful, what we see as dirty. We are ashamed of our shadows. Our shadow, our greatest enemy. But if we step back together, if you look at the picture from a little further away. I'll tell you about photography, how could we have a beautiful photograph without contrast just with light? The photograph could not take shape. And vice versa, if the photograph was just shadow. Can you see, that your true light is there, in your heart. The opening of the heart asks to be touched, to be vulnerable, fragile. To access this opening of the heart, you will have to cross your deep fears, your anger, your deep sadness, all these buried emotions, and there in this moment of humility, in this moment of reconciliation, you will put your foot down, and look at yourself as you are. Compassion will flow through you, compassion for yourself. In that moment, your light will be able to illuminate the world. This light is not the one we usually imagine, to be perfect, to be luminous, this light is not about that. So, are you ready to see your true light?

Hello! I'm Coco,

Coco, it is the sweetness, the benevolence and at the same time the intensity of our depths.

My story is about starting life in a dysfunctional family, which is not going to push me up. And yet, I always knew within myself that there would be a better life, a sweeter life waiting for me. Today, I sincerely believe that we can have and live the life that we deeply wish for, it requires us to look into our depths to transcend what scares us the most. Our anger, our sadness, our sorrows, repressed, denigrated, left under the carpet. This way, and the way of healing that I chose and by which I accompany, transcend our deepest shadows, go to listen and let express the parts of us that we abandoned because we did not have the capacity to do it at the time of the events. To let in all our greatest light, our gifts, our talents, the joy, the creativity, the fluidity of life. My way of healing is the body, where everything is marked and of which we are not even aware sometimes. The body never forgets, and that is a real gift because even if we don't remember, we can heal. All the memories of the body inspire me, push me to open all the possibilities of our stories to all.

Welcome to my universe. A universe rocked by images and energy. A mixture of who I am, with all my facets and palettes.